IMG_1880+My Favorite Cities for a Good Cup of Coffee — Throughout my travels, I’ve scoped out the best places to appreciate a cuppa

+My Favorite Museums — Museums are always a good bet when traveling. Here are my favorites

+ 10 Favorite Travel Experiences — The more I reflect on my travels, the more I want to express my gratitude for being able to have explored such amazing places. So I’m starting a new series of favorite experiences to share with you all. Here’s the first installment, in no particular order

Some Favorite Travel Quotes from Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson — These quotes are so relatable and I nominate this book to be your new fave travel companion  


2 thoughts

  1. Hayley, so enjoy your enthusiam and love for travel. I picture your Dad living in a chateau somewhere in Paris or a flat in London, passing the days blending in with the life style of the locals, jotting down witty notes of life, mystery and love. We so miss him dearly at Annenberg and always hope his passion for writing brings him happiness. Seeing your notes of enjoying a cup of java from around the world, noticed this posting and thought you might find interesting for your future travels: http://taiwanlovescoffee.com | Enjoy. My older son, Jonathan also enjoys traveling. Having spent a year teaching English in Thailand now wants to travel Latin America – enjoys seeing the world. Good luck,Haley in all you ventures, Bon voyage, Stella Lopez


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