The Attendant: My Favorite Quirky Coffee Spot in London

A short radio feature I produced for my favorite London coffee hangout: The Attendant

London’s independent coffee scene has taken off in recent years, drawing locals and tourists alike away from chains like Starbucks and into local cafes. I visited one of London’s most unique cafes, The Attendant. Located underground in a Victorian men’s loo, it is equipped with a friendly staff, delicious coffee, inviting atmosphere, and all of the original fixtures of the 19th century toilet. Owner Ryan de Oliveira and barista Mitchell Smith explain how The Attendant stands out among the rising number of independent coffee shops in London. Listen Here

The Attendant IMG_3850 IMG_3857

{Excuse the bit at the end where I say I’m from BBC — I’m not. This was originally created for a ¬†university project}


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