My Favorite Cities for a Good Cup of Coffee

~I thought it best to start my blog the same way I like to start my day: with a nice cup of hot coffee. Throughout my travels, I’ve scoped out the best places to appreciate a cuppa~

IMG_4475 Marrakech: I can’t even begin to describe my obsession with this coffee. It’s thick, dark and full of spices. The smell is enticing and the effect is invigorating. I drank a few cups each morning at our Riad and was properly buzzed until lunchtime.

Florence: The best way to do it is a quick espresso at one of the many local cafes, served with a small glass of fizzy water. And off you go.

London: Hands down one of the least accurate things I was told about London is that the coffee is crap. IT IS NOT. The London coffee scene was the best and quirkiest surprise and I had way too much fun exploring all of the amazing spots during my semester there. Next time you’re in London, definitely check these places out: The Attendant, Wild & Wood Coffee, and Store Street Espresso

San Francisco: What goes best with perpetually gray skies? Coffee. San Francisco does it right. Local brewer Blue Bottle might make the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tried. Seriously.

Los Angeles: We’re working on it! More independent coffee shops are popping up all over, with trendy chains making appearances in different parts of the county. Also the best place for those looking for milk alternatives. Hemp, soy, almond, rice… take your pick. Definitely check out Urth, Market on Holly, and Intelligentsia.

Seattle: Ah, Seattle. You could visit a different (amazing/trendy/adorable/cozy/etc) café everyday and go months (years?!) without hitting the same one twice. Oh it’s so great there. My favorite spot? Stumptown in Capitol Hill.

IMG_3246DC: Surprising and so true. It’s definitely more of an upscale scene (it is still DC), but you can find some seriously good coffee in this city. Baked & Wired, Caribou, Peregrine – I’m looking at you.

Prague: I had a favorite coffee shop here and it was just so perfect: Mamacoffee. (That NAME.) If I had more time in Prague I would have tried somewhere else because I’ve heard good things about coffee in general in Prague, but Mamacoffee is a must-do if you’re visiting the city. Great place to hang out alone or to meet up with friends, too.

Rome: Espressos and Americanos, oh my! So many cafes with outdoor seating that are perfect for people watching and a serious caffeine jolt. Wow.


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  1. Brava on your first post! No matter where one might be travelling or passing through, a delicious cup of coffee can make you feel like you’re home.


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